Word For Word "Manchester Forever" CD

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Manchester Forever " is the sophomore full length CD from Word For Word consisting of once vinyl only songs, the brand new "Courage Over Fear" EP, unreleased material, and a couple of classic covers! This CD consists of 13 tracks.

tracks 1-3 from the "Keepsake" LP
4.Breaking All the Rules(previously unreleased version from the Keepsake recording sessions)
tracks 5-9 from the "Courage Over Fear" EP
5. Courage Over Fear
6. I Still Hate You
7. Free The Devil(featuring Jim Death from Hammer Bros)
8. Forget About It
9. Trainwreck
tracks 10- 13 from the split 7' with Doggfight U.S sessions
10. Blood Letter(Return To Sender)
11. It's The Limit* By the Cro-Mags!(previously unreleased)
12. Crucified* By Iron Cross
13. secret track... you gotta buy this CD to find out!

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